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Digital Marketing Interview
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Are you hiring a digital marketer but do not have the in-depth experience necessary to vet their domain expertise?

Let us interview your applicants for skill and role alignment. Set yourself and the potential hire up for success in their first months by aligning responsibilities and expectations of both parties.

Ideal for:

  • Companies that do not have experienced marketing personnel or are hiring their first digital marketer.
  • Teams who are pressed for time and are hiring several people and do not have the necessary time and resources to conduct several interviews. 
  • Leaders who are looking for a second opinion on an applicant. 
  • Hiring managers who are building a marketing team and analyzing their needs and team structure.

How it works:

We’ll review your job description for role clarity, employer expectations, and salary alignment. We’ll conduct a 20-minute phone call with the hiring manager to get an understanding of the hiring situation. 

We’ll review the applicant’s documents and applicable experience. We’ll conduct a 30-60 minute interview with the applicant to assess the specific digital marketing expertise(s) you are hiring for. 

We’ll provide our notes and a brief report on the candidate and our recommendation from a domain perspective. 

You’ll feel more confident that you are making the right choice for your company and avoid making costly hiring decisions.

Have multiple applicants to interview? Please email us for special pricing.