Google Ads Health Check

Google Ads Health Check

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Find out how you can get better results and avoid wasted dollars from your Google Ads campaigns.

Is your Google Ads account as effective as it could be? A thorough Google Ads audit doesn’t just help you pinpoint flaws in the account, it helps you fine-tune your campaigns to generate more revenue with less money and less time. And since real dollars are at stake, even small mistakes can add up to significant impact.

We’ll complete a thorough check of your Google Ads account and campaigns to find out where your money is spent, where results are coming from and how it can be improved.

Why you should audit

  • Your current Google Ads performance is subpar: you want to improve it and spend your time and money more effectively.
  • You’re taking over the account from someone else on the team, or from a vendor, and want to know where things stand before you dive in.
  • You haven’t done a Google Ads audit ever before or within the past 6 months: routine audits should be a part of your strategy to continually improve performance.


  • Reveal hidden issues and areas of spend waste that need to be addressed
  • Identify new opportunities to expand your campaigns and reach
  • Gain the power of knowledge versus simply sticking with the status quo and assuming things are humming along
  • Get to work improving the overall health and performance of your account with a detailed plan

How it works

Our Google Ads experts will reach out to gain access to your Google Ads account. From there, we’ll dive in to do a thorough manual review to identify areas of improvement, expansion, and optimization. This process takes about 1 week, and we will assess your account structure, conversions, campaigns, ad groups, keywords, ad and landing pages. We’ll compile all of our findings and actionable next steps into a report so that you can start using right away to improve your account. 

Our Google Ads Health Check includes analysis of up to 5 ad groups. For example, this could be 1 campaign with 5 ad groups or 2 campaigns with 2-3 ad groups each. Have more than 5 ad groups and not sure which we should look at? No problem, we can help you figure out which ones will benefit the most from this audit once we dive in.

If you need help to implement the proposed changes, then we can discuss what support from us could look like.

What’s included

  • Analysis of the entire Google Ads account structure, conversion tracking and settings
  • Thorough audit of 5 ad groups, including keywords and landing pages
  • Custom report with recommendations to improve the ongoing health and performance of your account

If you have a larger Google Ads account with more than 5 ad groups that you’d like us to audit, please email us for special pricing.