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Local Maps Optimization
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Boost your local SEO by making sure your business shows up in searches on Google, Bing or Apple Maps.

When you build your digital presence, you want to reach people through as many channels as possible. Many people think of Google My Business when building their local listings, but Bing Places and Apple Maps are other channels you’ll want to optimize so you don’t miss the opportunity to drive more leads for your business.

Make sure you show up with your business profile on Google, Bing and Apple when people look for you. Take charge of what people see and turn searches into customers by making your business stand out.


  • You’ll have fully optimized Google My Business, Bing Places and Apple Maps listings with up-to-date business information and takes advantage of listing features to stand out
  • Improve your presence in Google and Bing to increase your chances of turning searches into customers

How it works

We’ll reach out to gather all of the relevant business information from you to optimize your local listings. If setup is needed, we will help you get verified. This process is dependent on each platform and could take up to 2-3 weeks. If you already have a profile, you will need to provide us with access.

Our team will then work on updating your profiles with all the essential contact information and help you select the correct business categories to maximize your odds of showing up for SiL (“service in location”) searches. We will update your business description, add photos and videos (if you have them) and showcase your products and services. 

If there are any special COVID-19 updates we will also post that for you.

Upon completion, we will schedule a 30-minute phone call with you to go over any additional recommendations and best practices for maintaining our profiles.

What’s included

  • Set up and verification of Google My Business, Bing Places & Apple Maps listings, if they have not already been claimed 
  • Updated business information, including business category, hours, business description, photos and videos, products and services
  • NAP (name, address, phone number) consistency alignment with your website and existing online profiles
  • 30-minute call to review recommendations for ongoing optimizations and best practices for maintaining your profiles

Increase the quantity in your shopping cart if you have additional locations requiring this service. If you have more than 5 locations, please email us for special pricing.